Everything is Going Wrong? Here's What You Should Do.

Does it ever feel like everything challenging happens all at once?  I've definitely had times when I felt like 'it' was raining AND pouring...

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Patience, Perseverance, and Purpose: 3 Things You Will Gain When Your Child Has A Disability.

Having a child with Autism helped to amplify some of my core values and characteristics. Take a look at my favorite quotes regarding purpose, perseverance, and patience. 

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What Having a Child With Autism Taught Me

This past month (April) was Autism awareness month. I always say Autism awareness month is every month as far as I'm concerned. More importantly I promote acceptance, year-round.

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Single Moms and Visitation: Maximizing Your Time Away From The Kids.

I fully understand that some custody and visitation arrangements are complex, to put it gently. So, for those who have ex-partners that don't spend any time with the children, this still applies. That's an unfortunate situation..

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