Having It All: What Does That Mean To You?

Defining Your Own Success: 'Having It All'

Everyone has to run their own race but, this is even more true for moms. We have to assess our needs/wants and the needs/wants of our children. Then we have to embark on our customized journey. Seems simple but, it is a struggle for a lot of people. 

Why? Society in general. Status envy. Family and friends' expectations or attempts to live vicariously through us. Faulty ideas that have taken root in our minds etc. How many posts or news stories have you seen about 'women having it all' in the form of a question or how-to? I've never seen anything asking the same of men. But, I digress and will revisit in another post. 


Now what do they usually mean by  'it all"? Usually it comes in the form of a check list which includes: a 'big' job or multi-million dollar business, a husband, a perfect kid or two, designer wardrobe, high end car, large house etc.


The key to having it all is to first define what it 'all' is for you. Make a plan and go get it. It's not about what success equals for anybody else, what they never had, or what others what to see happen for you. Your life is not about making someone else feel better.


If you are happy renting and it makes sense for you and your children then, continue. If you and your son enjoy the condo you bought, carry on. When people ask when the upgrade is coming, let them know you are satisfied where you are-this IS your upgrade. 


Single moms might get strange reactions when they say they don't want to marry or re-marry;  I certainly have. They'll get over it. If freelancing allows you more freedom to live the life you want and happiness, go for it. Take that list 'they' have written, tear it up into tiny pieces..and toss it like confetti. After that, think about what you want for yourself and your family and write your own.


           Love and Light,



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