Does Being a Single Parent Always Have to Equal Struggling?

What I Want To Stop: the struggle narrative

To quote one famous single mother (J.K. Rowling): "Single parenthood is not all stress and hardship." She has been open about her challenges but, obviously at this point the magic of Harry Potter and all of his friends has made any single mama woes she had vanish. 

Being a single mom doesn't put you in a constant state of brokeness and despair and being a married mom is not constant prosperity and bliss.


Listen, I'm fully aware that there are a lot of unemployed poor, working poor, and underemployed people who are parenting alone. But, there is a difference between something being a part (hopefully temporary) of your story and the 'struggle' being the entire narrative. 


I decided I would look at the images and information about single moms online. On a popular site for t-shirts I searched 'single mom' . There were a few shirts with 'super power' type slogans available. However, there was an abundance of shirts with women on stripper poles available which read 'I support single moms'. An article about finances indicated in the title that what they found 'might surprise you'. Two points made were majority of single mothers 'are not on public assistance' and they 'have been married'. That actually doesn't surprise me. We have an assorted set of circumstances. I hope we continue to develop a strong sense of community, learn from each other, and of course help each other. Surely, single moms who are in the midst of the struggle are not destined to remain there.


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