Men are simple and it's (mostly) a good thing.

What we can learn from men: Simplicity

I have really been working hard to end my relationship with perfection. After all, especially if I'm creating something from scratch it should be exactly what I envision right?


It may not look the way you want it to right away. It's so important to start where you are.


I was listening to a podcast with a guy who has a huge following and when asked about starting his blog he said a company had a package called "Website in One Night" or something like that. He so casually said 'So.. I did that. I set up an account and I started writing.' Simple.

Now, I would have some type of breakdown if I was forced to do a website in one night. However, it really made me realize my need for perfection equaled paralysis.


The Perfect, Extra Pretty, Pinterest Era

My Dad took up a baking as his new hobby about 3 years ago. Pound cakes from scratch are his specialty. He may experiment sometimes with the icing flavors...but, pound cake is his thing. When I spent the week at home during one holiday season, I was in the kitchen with him and asked where he gets his recipes. His response: 'The box'. Then I asked him 'Where did you get all of your supplies'? He responded: Walmart. (with a Walmart is LIFE tone in his voice)


Women, especially moms, many times feel like everything has to be extra cute and if we ever make anything for our kids, make anything from scratch, or anything ever. We consult Pinterest and sometimes the hundred and twenty recipes we have pinned already won't suffice. We go looking for more.

You know what? There's nothing wrong with store-bought cookies, cake form a bakery or mix, or extra simple party ideas. It's all about the love that you put into it and spending time with those we care about. It's about your end goal. It's all about getting it done.


I doubt I will ever get simplicity down a 'man' level but, done beats perfect any day.


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