The Magic of Tidying Up My Mind: Life-Changing

The Konmari method became popular recently and in the summer of 2015 I used the method without realizing it when I de-cluttered my home... and eventually my mind.

 I went category by category: toys, clothes, books, papers etc. If I didn't love it or it wasn't useful (right now), I tossed it or donated it.


This was before I read the book however, and I had heard people mention the question you're supposed to ask yourself when taking an item into consideration: 'Does this bring about JOY'?

Well, some of the stuff I kept didn't exactly bring about joy but, I needed it for work or whatever.


The one thing that absolutely didn't bring about joy was my wedding photo album that has sat in a box.. in the hall closet of wherever I've lived since my divorce. I would be looking for something and run across it every now and then it made me feel many different ways, none of them positive.


So, why did I hesitate on getting it out of my space? I decided I'd had enough and I disassembled it and put the photos in a box that was going to be shredded. This little book of photos did not take up much space but, throwing it out certainly made a difference in my mind. So, the last remnant of my wedding was just a subcategory of the physical tidying up but, it was then that I realized it was time to do some de-cluttering of my mind...maintenance.


We have to rid ourselves of 'mind trash' daily but, the residue (in the form of self doubt/resentment/fear) is there and sometimes it takes a while to realize it. It's so important to resolve negative feelings from that toxic former work environment, friends who weren't really friends, or that 'thing' you wanted to work out that didn't. I no longer allow anything in my space that doesn't bring about JOY! 


Many think of springtime as time of cleansing and renewal but, fall shows us how beautiful it can be to let things go. How are you tidying up your space and mind this season? Tweet me @resilientmomfls or leave a comment to let me know what has to go and what brings you joy.

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