The 2016 Election & Anxiety

Suffice it to say, this election cycle brought out a lot of negative emotions.

The day after the results were in, people who didn't vote for Trump had some reactions that were pretty interesting Anger...Shock..Sadness.

I don't have to reiterate the nastiness that has gone on for the past 8 months or so. You know there was a large amount of hate speech toward minorities especially.


I saw a few videos of people sobbing and saying things like "this is what they think of me/us". For too many, the fact that THAT many people would vote for THAT man was unbearable.


Some feel hopeless right now as things begin to really unfold. At the time I'm writing this, we have less than 10 days before Trump is sworn in. However, now is not the time to retreat and wallow in despair. It's time to take action.


Just as those with opposing views fight for their causes and for their voices to be heard,so should we.


In Michelle Obama's last interview as FLOTUS she reminded us that when people label and judge you (i.e. angry black/brown woman) that is more to do with them. People's opinions of you have nothing to do with your worth! Don't internalize it! As with anything else: Accept what is. Change the changeable.


Love and Light,