Who Really Wants To Be A 'Bad Mom'?

There's this thing I'm starting to notice moms are doing. I'm sure you've seen or even passed around the memes about being a less than average, frazzled, or 'bad mom'. In part triggered by the movie the movie I guess....

So...women are taking pride in being frazzled, unorganized, messes?. Let's not forget the large amounts of wine they allegedly consumed to numb themselves through it all. Just like there was a wave of glorifying busy, perfect (on the outside) moms and kids. Somebody took the pendulum and swung it waaaay left to push this destructive narrative. Let's face it, some of it is just to sell you t-shirts and wine glasses.


Sure, we get overwhelmed at times. We forget appointments. The kids eat way too many cheeseburgers in a week. We hang out with our friends to unwind, have a cocktail (or 2), and talk about how hyper the kids were that day.


But, for every 'frazzled' week hopefully you are striving for: a 'personal best' week, I got 'one more thing off my list' week, or 'I am a BEAST' week. Our children (this is especially the case for single moms) rely on us heavily. Those little or not so little eyes are taking it all in. They will most likely do as you do, not as you say. What will they see you do?


Calm over chaos. 

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